Is Your Business Where You Want it to be or thought it would be by now?

Always focused on systems and structure, Ginni has a reputation for finding and fixing the problems leading to success.

As a manager, Ginni was often asked to “fix” difficult situations, turn companies or offices around, create the systems to make it work, heal broken interpersonal relationships with multiple personality types. Ginni believes one cannot be successful without continuing to be a student so she consistently spends time staying on top of changing trends, new laws and any issues that may affect her clients.

page-ginni-consultIn the real estate industry, things are never static. There are challenges for the real estate industry and other small businesses everywhere. It is more vital than ever before to hire the right people, hold them accountable, control costs and adjust as things move and change.

Increased Revenue

Created profit and continual growth in every office managed.

Visible results

Brought office from $170,000 to $850,000 net profit in one year.

Empowering talent

Recruited and trained multiple agents from new to 100k+ income in one year

Additionally, as the future looks at broader changes in the real estate industry such as virtual offices, different commission structures and so on, the broker/owner must be prepared for those changes — all while still running the office or the company.

The industry has also changed with more top producing teams deciding to start their own companies, often without the knowledge on what to do or how to do it. Everything from a business plan to agent compliance must be handled properly so the brokerage can thrive.

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