Kenya Reeves-Costa

A few years ago I was considering hiring a coach. I didn’t know where I was going to find this person or what I needed. All I knew was that I was stuck and I needed more guidance then my broker could provide.

I was blessed enough to sign up for a designation class with Ginni. The entire class, I kept wishing I could carry her around in my pocket. She was a genius!

After the class was over, I went to say thanks and give her my card. I picked up her card and on the back it said business and life coach. It took a few days to call because making an investment in yourself is always a hard decision.

I’m so glad I called. Ginni changed my life. She was somehow able to tap into this top producer that was hiding deep inside 🙂 Since I began coaching with Ginni, I have been able to go on listing appointments with confidence (past fear) and I have become one of the top 10 agents in my office. I am now teaching buyers classes to new agents and mentoring!

Ginni, didn’t just help with work. When you are a realtor, your personal life and work life are deeply intertwined. Ginni helped me sort out a few personal issues that were holding me back. She also talked me off of a ledge when I got diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis last year.After my diagnosis,I thought I would have to find a new career. There were days, I couldn’t have made it through without her. The RA only made me stronger and Ginni helped me realize that.

Ginni is a phenomenal woman, amazing mentor and knowledgeable coach. I highly recommend her to anyone who is even thinking about coaching.